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Back Link Types For Seo

Although most web masters know that they need to obtain external links to their web sites to gain traffic, there is much debate over which kinds of links are valuable. Website owners can receive back links from many different types of sites and can engage in link building activities that get them very different links. I wrote this article to explain the various methods of getting back links to your site and to talk about the perceived value of each of these links.


The 3 most common types of back links are three way links, one way links, and reciprocal links. One way back links are created when a site owner links to a site without getting any back links in return. Reciprocal links are created when you and a web master decide to link to each other. The three way link is when you and two other web masters decide to create a linking triangle. Basically you link to site B, site B links to site C and site C links to you.


The use of reciprocal links was very common back before the year 2008. These links are not hard to get and a web master could usually get them with little time and effort on their part. The reason for this is probably because these links tend to be easy to get. Website owners would simply contact another site owner and ask them for a link by offering up a link from their own web site. Unfortunately these types of links are supposedly not very valuable for achieving better page ranking in Google. The theory is that Google devalued these links because they can be so easily manipulated.


The creation of three way linking was an effort for web masters to get the benefit of a one way link while doing the work of a reciprocal link. Creating three way links rather than reciprocal links was a way that sites figured they could reciprocally link without being found out. Again, people have stopped doing this because it has been stated that Google knows how to detect this and has devalued these types of links accordingly.


One way linking is currently the most popular type of linking. People can obtain these links in many ways including: forum posting, blog posting, directory submitting, article submitting, social book marking, by creating blogs for links, and many other ways.


The best way for people to make sure that they have all of their bases covered is to link build using all the white hat seo methods they can. This means that as a web master you should try to get links from as many avenues as possible. You will not only gain additional search rankings with these links, but you may also gain some new visitors. Having problems finding new sources to create links from? If you are having trouble finding links you can always turn to a company with some good search engine optimization packages. These companies can add to your link diversity and help you stay in the search engines for the long term.


Many website owners fall into the trap of only creating one type of link. Once Google and the other major search engines decide to devalue the one type of link you have pointing to your site, you will have a serious problem on your hands. You wouldn’t want to lose all of your search engine rankings due to an algorithm change would you?

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