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The 5Cs of SEO Revised

I started the use of the Five C’s of Search Engine Optimization, it seems, a millennia ago. It was primarily a used as a way to help educate business owners on not only the need for SEO, but what the basic principles is search engine optimization were. I gave seminars on the concepts of SEO, and invariably there were always individuals that had heard something about the topic, but without any knowledge of programming or technology, there was a need to build the basics up for businessmen.

Now mind you, this way back in 2004 and 2005, pre-dating all of the wonderful studies and progress that has been made in the past 5 years. BUT, I am beginning to see something rather important that I wanted to write about. As I meet with small and medium-sized business owners about their advertisement needs, they are still in need of these basics.

Social media has bowled over so many owners’ concept of where they should be putting their money. Without the discipline it takes to structure regular content for blogs or social media, they are getting even more upset about results that they haven’t received. SEO, good basic SEO, has been glossed over by marketing companies in light of even brighter fruit, the focus on the consumer communication.

There’s a huge effort to minimalize SEO in today’s Internet marketing climate. Some would even make an allegation that on-page SEO is dead. That all positioning comes from the external sources on the net. I am of the opinion that on-page SEO will never go away, as much as there is always a need for standards in content and structure.

There has to be a baseline level from which engines build their content algorithm off of. There must a level of scrutiny over the theme and genre of content and coding that all sites can be litmus test against, prior to accepting all thew additional variables of outside influence.