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How The Long Tail Search Can Have An Impact On SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for those who want their website to perform well on the search engines. If you have been doing some research on SEO you may have come across a term known as the ‘long tail search’. And if you want to get the best from SEO, then you should definitely try to understand what is meant by this term.


What is a Long Tail Search?


The first time the term ‘long tail search’ was mentioned was in a Chris Anderson article forWired. The article in question was referring to the fact that items which are not considered to be traditional ‘best sellers’ are still making a lot of money for places such as Amazon; the term long tail search was not referring to SEO in this instance. And the term ‘long tail’ got its name from the graph which shows how items are sold on the internet. The best sellers are seen at a peak on the graph and then all other items show a long tail. The items which are not as popular are shown all along this long tail. The point that Anderson was making was that most of the sales are actually in the tail and not the peak. So more money can be made for selling the less popular items than for the more popular items for businesses such as Amazon.


The idea has been transported to SEO to describe how people behave when searching on the web. There are some keywords which are quite popular when it comes to searching for certain items online. But just like Amazon sales most of the keywords used are not the most popular but those in the long tail. That is why it is important for those wanting to maximise the SEO of their website, to ensure that they also take into account the less than popular keywords too. For example if your website was selling sports shoes, it would pay to focus on other keywords and not just ‘sport shoes’.


All website owners understand the advantages of getting SEO. There are many things a good SEO company can do for your site, including Backlinks. Expert help is always a boon when it comes to SEO.

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