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How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The two most critical factors to a successful, money-making website are traffic and conversions.  Of course, getting a constant stream of new visitors is a base requirement for any kind of online success. But unless the website is designed in such a way that it converts those visitors into clients or subscribers, any traffic you get is wasted. Here are five things you can try on your website in order to boost it’s effectiveness.

1. Include a Clear Call to Action

It’s absolutely vital to have a clear and strong call to action on your landing page. Focus this call to action on just one thing and don’t divert the visitors attention by offering too many options. As an example, if your site’s conversion goal is to get people to subscribe, place be clearly visible “subscribe” button and a call to action in  a conspicuous area of your landing page.  In your call to action, mention at least one good reason why people should subscribe.

2. Test Positioning

On the sales-page or a bridge page for an affiliate product try placing the order-button and call to action below the fold. Placing an order-button and call to action further down on the page encourages visitors to read more of your content before they are confronted with a buying decision.  Confronting visitors with the buying decision too early can lower your conversion rate. The idea here is to convince your prospect’s that the really want your product and not showing them the order-button before they have made up their mind about it.

3. Interaction

Test a multi-page setup against a single-page sales-letter. Having visitor is interact on your page, even if all the interaction consists of clicking through to the next page, can have a very positive effect on conversions.

4. Test colours and graphics

Test different colours for your text elements and the background. Test different type sizes and different order-button images. Just keep testing and you’ll often be surprised at how small changes can make a big difference.

5. Subscriptions vs. Sales

If the website in question is a sales-page or a bridge page, try gathering e-mail addresses instead of sending the visitors directly to the offer. Sometimes, people are more likely to buy when they have had to “work” for something (submitting e-mail, confirming, waiting for next e-mail etc.). And frequently, having people on your list gives you a much better chance of making a sale happen, as you have more than one chance to make a pitch.

If there’s one common theme among all this it must be: Test, test, test! Make sure that you have a good split-testing script in place, because that can make your life a lot easier. If you are looking for a free option, you can give Google’s own split-testing solution a try. It doesn’t work very well for WordPress sites, however. For those, I recommend a plugin called WP Split Test .

Just keep in mind: If you aren’t running split tests, you may be missing out on a lot of earnings!

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