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Increasing Your Video Ranking On YouTube

Are you an online savvy marketer? Are you selling some physical products like faux wood blinds or rendering specialist services like laser eye surgery treatment? What ever your business may be, have you actually considered making use of YouTube to showcase and market your products or services? According to Alexa Ranking, YouTube is 3rd in terms of web traffic, after Google and Facebook. With today’s technology, YouTube is the best way to share your videos online. This video sharing site has gone from a nothing to the biggest thing on the web in recent years. As they realize the value of video content, internet marketers are taking advantage of the website to drive traffic to their sites and to increase their exposure. A common problem, though, is achieving a high rank on YouTube for their targeted keywords. What can you do to increase the rank of your videos on YouTube?

First and foremost, it’s really important that you know how to utilize the smallest of the features on YouTube to help you rank better and get more views for your videos. If you want your videos to get as many views as possible, and rank highly for your keywords, you should make sure your thumbnail is relevant and interesting. When your videos are being ranked on YouTube, the site gives extra emphasis to how much they have been actually viewed. This, of course, means, the number of people who actually watch your video. If you want people to view your videos, it helps if the thumbnail is appealing enough to capture the interest of potential viewers. You obviously want to make your video seem as fascinating as possible, but you also shouldn’t deceive people about what it’s really about. Video description is also important. Make sure your video description is clear and original. Try to keep your description as accurate as possible, so that it doesn’t look like some random description that doesn’t relate to your video. Besides, having a compatible description, this will increase your overall click through that your get on your videos.

The last step is to be patient and consistent in your approach. There is no magic pill that can instantly give you success with your YouTube videos. As you work hard to build your reputation, your ranking will grow over time. This is just like regular search engine optimization; nothing will happen overnight. So you need a plan to work on so you can put in regular action which will give you consistent results. Focus on each and every method that would get your video out in front of your target audience. One way to do this is to send your new videos to your channel subscribers. Creating relationships with people who have commented on other similar videos and sending them your videos is another way to get your videos out there. You are better off the more sources you can generate for promoting your videos. Your videos need to be in a good ranking position if you want to make a mark on YouTube. This allows you to get targeted viewers to your videos as well as build consistent traffic to all your video content. Start taking action on these tips now and you’ll see your videos steadily climb up the search results. Hope to see your blinds or lasik surgery online videos dominating YouTube in the near future!

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