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Link Building and Brand Building

There are many ways via which you can build a brand online. Some of them consist of media buys, buying pay per click ads, paying for ads in video networks, but none is as effective as linking. This is because link building is synonymous with higher search engine results and visibility. Link building is important and very efficient because:

1. It is Far Cheaper than Most Media Buys

Should you dabble into media buys which by the way is a temporary marketing medium, it would set you back no less than $300,000 if you wish your brand to become recognizable online. Now, if you spend just a fraction of that on one-way linking, you’d be so stunned at the results. This isn’t discredit media buys and PPCs because they are crucial in driving short term traffic. Linking campaigns can be quite the cost saver and will certainly increase your rankings

2. Link Building is Permanent, Longer Lasting, and Extensive

As against other forms of marketing, an effective link development strategy guarantees permanence -even though that’s a bit volatile- on the various search engines as long as it is up-to-date from time to time and new one-way links are constantly leading to the website, more backlinks are created and whenever required, a certain amount of mutual linking is conducted.

Unlike other short-term branding methods too, when a website turns into a household name, it gets ranked in the top ten positions for almost every relevant keyword. Have a look at about.com, forbes.com and perezhilton.com to be aware of what this signifies. If you enter any key terms related to what has been mentioned on any one of these websites, you will persistently see them in the top 10 position.

To carry out a productive merger or to use one-way link building in helping to build the brand, novice hands won’t be able to successfully do it. It has to be performed by experts in the industry. You can employ a specialist linking agency.

Whenever possible, steer clear of all link building service which make promises of establishing your brand name in a particularly short period. As you very well know that it is impossible. A brand name takes a while to develop particularly online, but when it picks up, it goes viral and is literally unstoppable. Doubt it? Take a look at both Facebook and Twitter.

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