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SEO And Understanding The Long Tail Search

When it comes to websites getting ranked highly among the search engines, SEO (search engine optimisation) is very important. One topic that commonly comes up in relation to SEO is the ‘long term search’. In fact it is an important idea to understand if you want to get the best from SEO.


The Long Tail Search explained?


The first time the term ‘long tail search’ was mentioned was in a Chris Anderson article forWired. The article in question was referring to the fact that items which are not considered to be traditional ‘best sellers’ are still making a lot of money for places such as Amazon; the term long tail search was not referring to SEO in this instance. And the term ‘long tail’ got its name from the graph which shows how items are sold on the internet. The long tail on the graph comes after the peak which shows the best sellers. All along this tail are the items which are not as popular. What Anderson was trying to point out was that the majority of sales are along the tail and not at the peak of the graph. It proves that when it comes to selling items, business such as Amazon can make more profit from selling less popular items than the popular ones.


The long tail search has been used in relation to SEO and the way that some people behave while surfing the internet. A lot of items that are searched on the internet are done so with some popular keywords. And in a similar case to that of Amazon above, when it comes to searching for items most of the keywords that are used will not be the most popular ones but rather they will be the ones along the ‘long tail’. That is why it is important for those wanting to maximise the SEO of their website, to ensure that they also take into account the less than popular keywords too. For example if your website was selling sports shoes, it would pay to focus on other keywords and not just ‘sport shoes’.


Everybody that owns a website is aware of the advantages of having SEO. SEO firms can help you with your website by many means, and some of these are Backlinks. Expert help is always a boon when it comes to SEO.

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