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Social Media and Its Effects on SEO

The integration of social media and SEO to meet the ultimate goal of increased targeted traffic generation is a highly useful strategy that many businesses can use to their advantage. Because social networking sites allow participants to share information in the form of links, opinions and valuable content, entrepreneurs and companies can use these benefits to create an enhanced online brand presence. By optimizing social media content, a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) can be significantly improved. The benefits of social media mixed with traditional SEO techniques have the capacity to provide much larger traffic and brand recognition results as opposed to a single standalone SEO strategy.

Social Media Sites’ Popularity & Search Engines

The major search engines such as Google and Bing are placing significant consideration in their SERP’s to some of the most prominent social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn. In recent years the presence of social media related URL’s, in search engine results has continued to increase, reflecting the growing importance that links coming from these social networking sites represent.

Generation of Links by Social Media Content Promotion

Social networking sites are utilized to create a buzz about a particular company, product or service. Melding SEO into the various aspects of your social media accounts by providing links back to your main product/service website can produce prequalified, targeted traffic to your website. Twitter is one example where this can be accomplished effectively. Advertising your content on twitter allows you to provide a direct link to your site and encourages your followers to re-tweet your link into their network as well. Sharing content on Facebook is also allowing tremendous link generation possibilities. When someone posts content from another source on their Facebook wall, the information and link supplied are seen as valuable and very likely to be shared by others. Search engines are now recognizing the number of times content is being shared in Facebook and this is having a considerable effect on search engine results.

Best SEO Practices Utilized in Social Media Accounts

Social networking sites provide convenient and powerful opportunities to expand the power of your SEO strategies. There are specific SEO methods within social media platforms that can result in higher organic rankings for your blog or main website.

Link to Your Website Frequently

From your Facebook fan pages, placing consistent links to your service and product pages will tend to boost your site’s rank.

Leave Teaser Text

By placing a portion of your website’s text on your Facebook page or Twitter post, you can draw attention to your main site where visitors are more likely to become customers.

Use Optimized Keywords

Using optimized keywords in your links and in your photo and video captions will provide SEO authority to the destination site of those links.

Share Buttons

Adding social networking site buttons to your website that link to your profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide your visitors with ways to interact with you, share your content and bookmark your pages. Buttons such as “Like”, “Share”, “Bookmark This” and “Tweet” are all convenient tools that can quickly help to propagate your content throughout the Internet and generate targeted traffic, which is the ultimate goal of SEO in the first place.

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