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Keyword Density: Pros and Cons

Word density is an indicator of the quantity of times the chosen keyword appears in the Net page. But mind you, keywords should not be over used, but should be just acceptable to appear at vital places within your automated seo site. If you repeat your keywords with each other word on each line, then your website will very probably be refused as a synthetic site or spam site. Keyword saturation is always shown as a slice of the total word content on a specified Internet page. Imagine you have 100 words on your internet site page ( excluding HMTL code utilised for writing the net page ), and you employ a certain keyword for 5 times in the content. The word density on that page is got by simply dividing the overall number of keywords, by the total of words that appear on your page. So here it is five divided by 100 = .05.

Because word density is a percent of the total word count on the page, multiply the above by 100, that’s’s 0.05 x 100 = 5 percent The accepted standard for a word density is between 3 percent and five p.c, to get recognized by the search sites and you should not surpass it. Remember, this rule can be applied to every page on your website. It also applies to not simply to one keyword but also a bunch of keywords relating to a different service or product. The word density should invariably be between three percent and five percent. Straightforward steps to check the density : cut and paste the content from an individual net page into a word-processing software program like Word or Word Perfect.

Go to the ‘Edit’ menu and click ‘Select All’. Now go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Word Count’. Write down the total of words in the page. Now choose the ‘Find’ function on the ‘Edit’ menu. Go to the ‘Replace’ tab and type in the keyword you would like to find. ‘Replace’ that word with the same word, so you don’t change the text. When you complete the replace function, the system will provide a count of the words you replaced. That gives the quantity of times you have employed the keyword in that page. Using the total word count for the page and the general number of keywords you can now work out the keyword saturation.

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Is your advertising working or are you throwing your money away?

As a marketing consultant and the owner of an advertising agency, I am constantly asked how can a business measure if their advertising campaign is producing positive results  . Here are five  ways to find out:

1. Are you seeing an increase in prospects and sales beginning when you launched your new advertising campaign? Are your prospects and sales up 2%, 5%, 10%, or more? Make sure you monitor all of your prospects and sales so you can clearly see the outcomes of your advertising.

2. Are prospects contacting you because of your advertising campaign? The way to learn is to ask every prospect how they heard about you and you need to track the answers so you know precisely exactly where each prospect (and sale) comes from. Was it your website? Was it from an advertisement  you placed? Was it from a direct mail marketing campaign?  Was it from a radio spot ? You need to track exactly where each lead and purchase comes from so you understand which marketing channels are  producing results   and which are not working.

3. Are previous and present customers buying much more from you? A quality advertising campaign can bring  past  clients back again and increase the buying frequency of current customers.

4. Are you seeing an increase in referrals? A high quality advertising campaign will get your existing customers and your target marketplace talking about you. This will lead to an increase in referrals.

5. Is your advertising campaign profitable? Advertising is an investment and the lifeblood of your business. For your business enterprise to be successful, your advertising campaign must be profitable over time. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different thoughts on how to figure out if an advertising campaign is profitable. Here is the correct way to figure out if your advertising campaign is profitable:

When determining if your advertising is profitable, you need to look at advertising as a long-term investment, just like purchasing stocks, real estate, or mutual funds. When evaluating your advertising you need to take into consideration repeat sales from every single new client your advertising produces. Nearly all businesses generate the vast majority of their sales and profits from repeat sales, NOT first time sales. Understanding this principle is one of the secrets to creating a prosperous organization.

For example, let’s say you run a small quarter page ad in your local shopper coupon magazine. This modest ad costs $300. From that single ad you attract 3 new customers who each  purchase  $50 worth of your products.  From that info you would think that you had a loss of $100 on that ad due to the fact you paid $300 for it but you only produced $150 in sales. But let’s look at the long-term effect of those 3 new customers.

Let’s say that each and every one of those 3 new clients buys an added $250 of merchandise from you over the following 11-months.  Once you take that into consideration, your $300 ad has now generated $900 in sales. And, what if every single of those three customers purchases an extra $300 of items from you the following year? Now, your original $300 ad has generated $1,800 in sales over a 24-month period. To put that into perspective, if you bought $300 of mutual funds and in 2-years your $300 investment was worth $1,800, you would be jumping for joy! That is why you need to view the profitability of your advertising on a long-term scale, not on a short-term 1-2 month scale. Advertising is an investment to produce long-term clients and repeat product sales. Your focus as a enterprise proprietor must always be on producing faithful long-term clients, NOT one-time sales.

Let’s broaden the picture a lot more. Let’s say one of your 3 new clients loved your merchandise so much that she instructed two of her friends about you, and her two buddies each turns into a long-term consumer of your business. And, what if those two good friends each buys a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise from you over the next couple of years? Do you now see the large long-term value of that $300 ad you placed?

Now that you possess a better knowledge of advertising as an investment, it is crucial that you track the source of each new client (i.e., did they find you in the yellow pages, direct mail, radio, World wide web, etc.). Whenever you speak to a new customer you need to ask the buyer, “How did you hear about us?”  Then, you need to track the source of that buyer in a spreadsheet or a CRM system and monitor how many product sales each purchaser makes over time. This is the only way you can really ascertain if an marketing strategy is working. Yes, this will take time but it is really worth it. And, a excellent CRM software can make this tracking really easy.

In summary, before you throw in the towel on your advertising tactics simply because they are not instantly generating a profit, you have to first fully grasp the value of a new customer over time. Stop looking at advertising as a short term expense and start seeing advertising as what it truly is — a long-term investment to the success of your organization.

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Increasing Your Video Ranking On YouTube

Are you an online savvy marketer? Are you selling some physical products like faux wood blinds or rendering specialist services like laser eye surgery treatment? What ever your business may be, have you actually considered making use of YouTube to showcase and market your products or services? According to Alexa Ranking, YouTube is 3rd in terms of web traffic, after Google and Facebook. With today’s technology, YouTube is the best way to share your videos online. This video sharing site has gone from a nothing to the biggest thing on the web in recent years. As they realize the value of video content, internet marketers are taking advantage of the website to drive traffic to their sites and to increase their exposure. A common problem, though, is achieving a high rank on YouTube for their targeted keywords. What can you do to increase the rank of your videos on YouTube?

First and foremost, it’s really important that you know how to utilize the smallest of the features on YouTube to help you rank better and get more views for your videos. If you want your videos to get as many views as possible, and rank highly for your keywords, you should make sure your thumbnail is relevant and interesting. When your videos are being ranked on YouTube, the site gives extra emphasis to how much they have been actually viewed. This, of course, means, the number of people who actually watch your video. If you want people to view your videos, it helps if the thumbnail is appealing enough to capture the interest of potential viewers. You obviously want to make your video seem as fascinating as possible, but you also shouldn’t deceive people about what it’s really about. Video description is also important. Make sure your video description is clear and original. Try to keep your description as accurate as possible, so that it doesn’t look like some random description that doesn’t relate to your video. Besides, having a compatible description, this will increase your overall click through that your get on your videos.

The last step is to be patient and consistent in your approach. There is no magic pill that can instantly give you success with your YouTube videos. As you work hard to build your reputation, your ranking will grow over time. This is just like regular search engine optimization; nothing will happen overnight. So you need a plan to work on so you can put in regular action which will give you consistent results. Focus on each and every method that would get your video out in front of your target audience. One way to do this is to send your new videos to your channel subscribers. Creating relationships with people who have commented on other similar videos and sending them your videos is another way to get your videos out there. You are better off the more sources you can generate for promoting your videos. Your videos need to be in a good ranking position if you want to make a mark on YouTube. This allows you to get targeted viewers to your videos as well as build consistent traffic to all your video content. Start taking action on these tips now and you’ll see your videos steadily climb up the search results. Hope to see your blinds or lasik surgery online videos dominating YouTube in the near future!

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