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Do You Know What Your Customers Are Searching For To Find Businesses Like Yours?

There are a myriad of factors to deliberate in SEO, some more crucial than others. Your structure is laid by these factors, without which, your time and effort would have been wasted. Keyword research is one of these factors that can make or break your Search Engine Optimisation operation.

Keyword research is the action of seeking relevant words and phrases that should be the focus of your SEO. Many people don’t have faith in keyword research for SEO, making their keyword choices based on their own instinct and capacity. This isn’t fundamentally a bad thing, but it might not be sufficient. Let’s try to put this into perspective. Say, “Keyword 1” gets searched 10,000 times each day, while there are 6,000 searches for “Keyword 2.”  Without having knowledge of this, you opt for “Keyword 2” to target and rank, and the choice you made was based on your instinct. Even if you managed to get a good ranking for your chosen keyword, you’d be losing 3,000 possible hits every day. Keyword research would have informed you of the statistical discrepancy, which would have avoided this.

Another disadvantage of relying on instinct to determine your keywords is that we do not all think alike. People will use other words, words you might not use yourself, to search for whatever is contained in your website. Suitable keywords will be able to provide you multiple options in choosing the most suited keyword for you.

Now that we have demonstrated why keyword research for SEO is so crucial, we should try to determine what to look for when practising keyword research. There are a lot of factors that play into this, but the most important aspect would probably be its popularity. Popularity in this context means how regularly the words are actually used in searches. The hard part is that there is no available data on the specific number a precise keyword is used in searching. There are, however, tools that give you an educated guess of the search numbers. Google has a free tool that gives you estimates from the Google search engine. There are also other tools that gather data from other search engines and pool them together to give you knowledge of a specific keyword’s popularity outside of Google.

The absence of proper keyword research would be like performing your search engine optimisation blindfolded. You might have a spot of luck and nail the right keywords the public use the most, but there is more of a chance that you will miss your mark. And when this happens, all the blood sweat and tears that you put in trying to rank your website would have been a waste of time. 

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