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The best form of Advertising

Websites that attract traffic

Search engine rankings

Search engines outperform all other media in driving visitors to websites with 85% of cyberspace users citing search engines as their primary means of finding websites. Traffic from search engines is the most valuable kind as it brings qualified visitors who are actively looking for specific products, services, or information

Getting good search engine rankings for keywords and phrases relevant to your line of work is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your site. To get traffic to your website you need to optimise your webiste so that you get targeted traffic to your website

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of increasing your website’s visibility to search engines for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. SEO involves:

  • Keyword analysis and development
  • Content analysis
  • Website submissions
  • Results reporting

Why you need Search Engine Optimisation

When a probable customer conducts a query on the internet one of two outcomes is imaginable:

  • They will find your website and act on your calls-to-action, or
  • They will find your competitors.

Which will it be? The result depends firstly on your visibility and secondly on your website’s purpose, structure and design. If your website does not perform well, each time a potential customer conducts a search using a keyword or phrase related to your business, you’re losing out.

What Search Engine Marketing Company Should Provide

  • Accountable results via regular campaign reporting
  • Committed to obtaining the highest ROI for their clients
  • Knowledge of search engine ranking criteria & algorithms to maximise your rankings
  • Ability to bring an instant traffic boost to your website

Contact Itag Media if your website isn’t generating enough business for you.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves a combination of website submissions and paid search engine listings, to ensure your website reaches customers using search engines to research purchase decisions.

Why you need Search Engine Marketing

  • 93% of users don’t look further than the first two pages of search results.
  • 33% of users believe companies found in the top search results are a major brand in their specific products/service category.
  • SEM raises your online and business profile while building your brand awareness.

Your website should be like every other marketing strategy, it must yield results. Furthermore, it should link your offer with customers searching for what you sell. Here are the facts on search engine use.

  • 94.4% of total internet users find and access websites using search engines^
  • Over 90% of Australian’s use the search engines Google Australia, Yahoo Australia and ninemsn*

source ^Red Sheriff *Hitwise

SEM has been proven to yield a higher return on investment than any other marketing channel, driving more traffic towards you website, and generating more qualified sales leads and customer acquisitions.

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