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Best Tools for Conversion Optimization Visualization

In order to determine whether your website is reaching its potential in terms of the number of conversions it produces, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits provided by one or more conversion optimization visualization and website traffic analysis tools. The success of your website marketing strategy is dependent upon monitoring the performance of your website on a routine basis. By routinely tracking conversion percentage statistics related to your website traffic and the specific behavior of your traffic on your site, you can accurately diagnose the specific problems that may be hindering your website’s performance.

Tools that enable you to view this important data in an easy to comprehend visual format are well worth their weight in gold. They can help you determine the necessary website changes required to significantly increase your site’s conversion stats and your overall ROI.

The Importance of Conversion Optimization

A typical online business may only achieve somewhere between a 1 to 3 percent conversion rate in terms of the number of visitors to the site. Every business website owner is interested in enhancing their conversion rate and thus their number of sales, sign-ups, ad clicks, etc. Conversion optimization is the process of maximizing the rate of conversions on a website by incorporating any number of SEO techniques and other web marketing strategies. This involves far more than simply increasing the quantity of traffic to a site. It focuses on translating your visitors into actual customers.

Conversion Optimization Visualization Tools

There are literally dozens of conversion optimization visualization and web analytic tools available to web marketers today. A few of the more popular and highly capable tools are listed as follows:


Knowing the actual behavior of visitors on your website can provide great insight into your market and help you make website changes and adjustments that convert your traffic into buyers. CrazyEgg is a tool that allows you to view website user habits on your site. It displays hotspot heatmaps and overlays that reveal where people actually click on your site. Website marketers can use this information (the discovered habits of these visitors) to optimize their sites in order to achieve an increased number of conversions.


As the grandfather of website analytics software, WebTrends is another tool that offers extensive data visualization capabilities based on a deep analysis of your website’s visitor activities. The software provides real-time visual data reporting in the form of geographic drill-downs and other customizable graphs.

Google Analytics

Probably the most popular free website tracking tool, Google Analytics provides a wealth of statistical data that can be translated into graphical form for easy visual consumption. Among the metrics recorded and displayed by Google Analytics include visitor stats, site usage stats, geographical source breakdowns, traffic source breakdowns, top exit pages, top landing pages, entrance keywords, navigation summaries, and much more.

Conversion Optimization Methods of Practice

Conversion optimization can be carried out by using one or more types of split testing methods in order to find the most successful website design elements that lead to maximum conversions. There are two major methods of split testing utilized by web marketers in order to optimize conversions. Two of the most popular tools utilized to perform split testing, both with many of the same capabilities, include Google Website Optimizer and Visual Website Optimizer. These tools can perform both A/B split testing and multivariate split testing of websites. Both of these methods are able to help business owners discover what elements or combination of elements on their sites lead to the most favorable results. With A/B split testing a single element on your site is split into two versions. The version that produces more conversions, having been exposed to an equal number of visitors, is chosen. Multivariate testing is more complex and takes many elements on your site, i.e. headlines, colors, content font size, images, etc., and groups them into various combinations. These combinations are exposed to the same volume of traffic and the combination that results in the highest conversion rate wins.

Conversion Optimization Visualization is an essential marketing tool that helps website owners visually comprehend the response of the marketplace to their website and make the necessary adjustments in order to promote increased rates of conversion. A consistent use of the tools available to visually evaluate website traffic stats and the specific behavior of website visitors can provide web marketers with a distinct marketplace advantage in an always competitive online arena.

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