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Inbound Link Evaluation and Achieving Conversions

Evaluating the quality of both organic and paid inbound links to your websites is an important task when trying to determine the probability of successfully generating conversions, i.e., sales, newsletter sign-ups, requests for more information, downloads, phone calls and other visitor actions. All links are not created equal. Some are much more capable of leading to conversions than others. The difference between profitable and unprofitable links is due to many factors that include the nature and relevance of the links, where and when they are placed and their relationship to other links pointing to your site.

The following information describes several inbound link traits that determine their effectiveness at securing desired website conversions.

Links from Authority Sites

An authority site possesses the influence and power to boost the rankings of other sites by providing links to these sites from one or more of its web pages. Authority sites are defined by a number of characteristics including high page rank (PR), focused content that is frequently updated, hundreds or even thousands of informative web pages and plenty of outgoing and incoming links to other related industry sites. Links coming from authoritative sites in your industry can provide the marketing boost that directly leads to conversions on your website. Google and other search engines place an added value on backlinks originating from authority sites. This in turn tends to push your site up higher in Google’s rankings for particular relevant keyword phrases being searched. As a result, your site’s increased targeted traffic translates into real on-site conversions. Examples of authority sites include established online publications, trade associations, government sites and respected information portals in your particular industry.

 High PageRank Links

Any site with a high Google PageRank has probably invested quite a bit of link building and SEO work over an extended period of time. Although PageRank is by no means the only factor that establishes how Google values a web page, it remains an important factor. According to a recent Matt Cutts video, “it [Page Rank] is one of the more important of the 200 signals that we have”. Since high PageRank sites tend to carry some additional weight and authority with Google, inbound links coming from these sites can only enhance your site’s chances to achieve increased traffic and conversion results.

Contextually Relevant Links

Links that come from websites with similar or related subject matter carry a level of value that non-related links cannot produce. For instance, if your website discusses the best methods of sealing your outdoor deck and you obtain inbound links from health food sites, these links may not be considered as contextually relevant and may not produce the long-term conversion results you seek. These links may look unnatural to the search engine algorithms and inhibit the success of your marketing and conversion goals. On the other hand, an automotive website that that obtains authoritative and contextually relevant links from racing publications, auto repair sites, or auto brand sites sets itself up well for receiving the type of link juice that can lead ultimately to targeted traffic results and more conversions. In addition, these industry established websites possess a loyal traffic following. When your website receives a link from one of these industry sites, the resulting traffic to your site will have a higher conversion rate due to the endorsement provided by the link.

Optimized Anchor Text Links

When building links to help promote the ranking of a web page, it is important that the anchor link text used includes the keywords that are specifically relevant to that page. Using non-relevant link text such as “click here” or “read more” will provide no SEO value or ranking power to the page. A web page about “oil changes” may utilize relevant link text such as “change my oil” or “cheap oil change” to enhance the authority of the web page and increase the probability of new site conversions.

Paid Links

While all the above link characteristics refer to organic linking methods, paid text links present another way of attempting to ultimately bring about conversions on a website. However, not all paid text links produce equivalent SEO and conversion results. When seeking paid text links to maximize conversion possibilities look for links that come from relevant sites with domain authority. Also, only acquire a few links at the most from any one page to keep the appearance of natural link acquisition in the eyes of Google. If paid text links are purchased in mass or from unrelated content sites, Google and other search engines may view them as an inauthentic way of website promotion. Search engine algorithms tend to penalize sites that host paid text links to the exclusion of naturally built, organic links coming from sites that freely share their authority with you. On the other hand, a patiently constructed network of organic links will tend to remain in place, appear natural and provide your site with gradually increasing authority.

In your search for inbound links to promote your websites, be mindful of the ultimate goal – conversions. Simply achieving SEO results from your backlinks is not sufficient within itself. You need dependable conversion data that indicates the links you are going to acquire will result in the kind of targeted traffic that that translates into actual website conversions.

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Best Tools for Conversion Optimization Visualization

In order to determine whether your website is reaching its potential in terms of the number of conversions it produces, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits provided by one or more conversion optimization visualization and website traffic analysis tools. The success of your website marketing strategy is dependent upon monitoring the performance of your website on a routine basis. By routinely tracking conversion percentage statistics related to your website traffic and the specific behavior of your traffic on your site, you can accurately diagnose the specific problems that may be hindering your website’s performance.

Tools that enable you to view this important data in an easy to comprehend visual format are well worth their weight in gold. They can help you determine the necessary website changes required to significantly increase your site’s conversion stats and your overall ROI.

The Importance of Conversion Optimization

A typical online business may only achieve somewhere between a 1 to 3 percent conversion rate in terms of the number of visitors to the site. Every business website owner is interested in enhancing their conversion rate and thus their number of sales, sign-ups, ad clicks, etc. Conversion optimization is the process of maximizing the rate of conversions on a website by incorporating any number of SEO techniques and other web marketing strategies. This involves far more than simply increasing the quantity of traffic to a site. It focuses on translating your visitors into actual customers.

Conversion Optimization Visualization Tools

There are literally dozens of conversion optimization visualization and web analytic tools available to web marketers today. A few of the more popular and highly capable tools are listed as follows:


Knowing the actual behavior of visitors on your website can provide great insight into your market and help you make website changes and adjustments that convert your traffic into buyers. CrazyEgg is a tool that allows you to view website user habits on your site. It displays hotspot heatmaps and overlays that reveal where people actually click on your site. Website marketers can use this information (the discovered habits of these visitors) to optimize their sites in order to achieve an increased number of conversions.


As the grandfather of website analytics software, WebTrends is another tool that offers extensive data visualization capabilities based on a deep analysis of your website’s visitor activities. The software provides real-time visual data reporting in the form of geographic drill-downs and other customizable graphs.

Google Analytics

Probably the most popular free website tracking tool, Google Analytics provides a wealth of statistical data that can be translated into graphical form for easy visual consumption. Among the metrics recorded and displayed by Google Analytics include visitor stats, site usage stats, geographical source breakdowns, traffic source breakdowns, top exit pages, top landing pages, entrance keywords, navigation summaries, and much more.

Conversion Optimization Methods of Practice

Conversion optimization can be carried out by using one or more types of split testing methods in order to find the most successful website design elements that lead to maximum conversions. There are two major methods of split testing utilized by web marketers in order to optimize conversions. Two of the most popular tools utilized to perform split testing, both with many of the same capabilities, include Google Website Optimizer and Visual Website Optimizer. These tools can perform both A/B split testing and multivariate split testing of websites. Both of these methods are able to help business owners discover what elements or combination of elements on their sites lead to the most favorable results. With A/B split testing a single element on your site is split into two versions. The version that produces more conversions, having been exposed to an equal number of visitors, is chosen. Multivariate testing is more complex and takes many elements on your site, i.e. headlines, colors, content font size, images, etc., and groups them into various combinations. These combinations are exposed to the same volume of traffic and the combination that results in the highest conversion rate wins.

Conversion Optimization Visualization is an essential marketing tool that helps website owners visually comprehend the response of the marketplace to their website and make the necessary adjustments in order to promote increased rates of conversion. A consistent use of the tools available to visually evaluate website traffic stats and the specific behavior of website visitors can provide web marketers with a distinct marketplace advantage in an always competitive online arena.

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Video Content – Its SEO & Marketing Effects

Online businesses and Internet marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve their traffic results. Relevant, high quality and valuable content has always been one of the main foundations that business website owners depend upon to enhance their SEO and marketing positions. Traditionally this has been restricted to the informational text on a web page or articles, press releases and other written content optimized to draw traffic. With the advent and exponential growth of video content on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, DailyMotion, Metacafe and dozens more, publishing online videos has become one of the most prominent SEO marketing methods utilized to raise a website’s search engine results and draw the appeal of consumers.

Optimizing Video Content

Sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others allow you to publish videos on their sites. These videos in essence are treated like other content on the web. They need to be optimized for search engines in order to get noticed. This involves giving them proper titles, meta tags and synopsis to give search engines the most accurate idea of how to categorize them. However, with the advent of universal search results now employed by Google and other search engines, video content has been favored in many SERP’s, making it a faster way to achieve top rankings for specific keyword phrases. Part of a good SEO strategy is to take advantage of the search engine ranking boost that properly optimized videos provide, while at the same time continuing to build existing SEO efforts.

Viral Marketing Possibilities

Because videos provide an easier form of content to digest than by manually reading a page on the screen, the possibilities of a creatively produced video with a catchy and powerful message going viral definitely exists. Videos have the potential to spread across social media networks rapidly, effectively multiplying the number of backlinks to your website and giving it a significant SEO boost in the process. In addition, a site such as YouTube allows you to have your own channel in which you can build a list of subscribers. This provides another way in which links to your videos have the potential to proliferate through the web by way of viral marketing activity.

Website Video Content & Customer Impressions

Consistent evidence from consumer responses on the Internet suggests that viewers of product and service promotional videos are more inclined to do one or more of the following:

  1. Browse the business website for more information
  2. Make a phone call to the business
  3. Purchase products or services from the business

Product and service videos give an added authority to the marketing message of online businesses. Video content can be used to inform and educate customers in a dynamic way unlike static content can provide. As a result, consumers’ opinions of a particular business and its products/services tend to elevate when they view an attention-grabbing informative video.

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Engaging Your Followers – 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies To Live By

Are you under the impression that you have a bunch of zombies following you who don’t give a care about anything you say on Twitter? Are your followers the kind that rarely “Retweet your Tweets” or “Mention” you in posts? If so, you’re most likely not engaging enough and you will probably need to rethink your Twitter Marketing Strategy. Don’t be alarmed about it; you’re not alone. The Harvard Business Review put out a survey at the end of 2010 that brought to light the fact that only 12% of businesses felt they were utilizing social media effectively.

So how can you increase your engagement with your followers? Below I have outlined 10 ways to adjust your Twitter Marketing Strategy to improve follower engagement:

  1. Make sure you have properly identified your target audience. Just as in any marketing program, consider who your target audience is and rework and re-structure your strategy to meet their needs.
  2. Define your content focus and/or Twitter purpose in your profile. This will set expectations for followers and let them know how they should be using your Twitter feed. If you have several content focus points and/or purposes for your Twitter account, then consider splitting your account into several Twitter feeds to help you keep your focus. By doing so, you’ll boost the chances of people adding you to lists and referring to your feed as a resource. This will aid you in maintaining followers and grow a more engaged audience.
  3. Serve as an easy to use resource. Format your Twitter feed in a searchable, easy to use and shareable format. Make sure that all Tweets contain optimized blurbs with hash tagged keywords that will help your followers quickly identify the kind of content they are interested in reading.
  4. Limit your feed to high quality content. Followers will come back to sources that commonly provide them with high quality links. So make sure you limit your page to good content. A single bad experience may result in a follower defection.
  5. Decide who to follow. Follow thought leaders in your niche  who will expose you to people and companies who’ve expressed interested in this same area. This will lead to higher quality followers who’ll be more engaged with your content.
  6. Engage with thought leaders in your space. By engaging with other people and companies that have a large following and similar focuses, you will improve your Twitter feed’s exposure to people and companies that are interested in your content.
  7. Be responsive to your followers. There is nothing more exasperating for users than an unresponsive voice maintaining a Twitter feed or Blog. If someone attempts to engage with you, try to respond to them in a timely manner. Brad Feld, who’s a prominent tweeter and prolific blogger has built a huge following based on sharing excellent content and being thoroughly responsive to followers. He replies to blog comments and Tweets within the space of an hour more often than not. This sends a message to his followers that he is interested in what they are saying and it inspires them to share their thoughts on a regular basis.
  8. Make your Twitter presence known. Publicize your Twitter presence on other social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.) as well as your blog, website and newsletter. Doing so will make it easier for your customers and prospective customers to find you. Oft times your followership will be different across different social media mediums, so broadcasting your Twitter presence can expand your followership considerably.
  9. Integrate Twitter into your blog or article comments and reactions section. By featuring Twitter mentions and retweets on your own content, you’ll be able to boost the exposure of the comments and reactions. This will inspire more individuals to engage with your content, as it’ll expose their Twitter feed and brand to every personwho reads your blog or article.
  10. Monitor your progress. Check your Klout score and Twitter counter on a regular basis to keep track of how your revised strategy is affecting your follower engagement. In this manner, you can afford to be more flexible and quickly restructure your strategy to maximize your follower engagement and the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Making these changes to your Twitter Marketing Strategy is likely to boost your follower’s experience and guarantee that they will be returning to your feed for content in your area of expertise and improve your chances of being retweeted, which will in turn increase your content exposure.

If you are eager to learn more about making use of Twitter as a business tool, you should read my blog posts on Twitter tips to optimize your influence marketing strategy and maximize the use of Twitter as a customer service medium. Similarly, if you are interested in learning more about influence marketing and content marketing strategy, I highly recommend take a look at Get Content, Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett.

Brandon works with the portfolio companies to develop business strategies and optimize market and product positioning by means of market research, market intelligence, and customer and marketing analytics.

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Social Media and Its Effects on SEO

The integration of social media and SEO to meet the ultimate goal of increased targeted traffic generation is a highly useful strategy that many businesses can use to their advantage. Because social networking sites allow participants to share information in the form of links, opinions and valuable content, entrepreneurs and companies can use these benefits to create an enhanced online brand presence. By optimizing social media content, a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) can be significantly improved. The benefits of social media mixed with traditional SEO techniques have the capacity to provide much larger traffic and brand recognition results as opposed to a single standalone SEO strategy.

Social Media Sites’ Popularity & Search Engines

The major search engines such as Google and Bing are placing significant consideration in their SERP’s to some of the most prominent social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn. In recent years the presence of social media related URL’s, in search engine results has continued to increase, reflecting the growing importance that links coming from these social networking sites represent.

Generation of Links by Social Media Content Promotion

Social networking sites are utilized to create a buzz about a particular company, product or service. Melding SEO into the various aspects of your social media accounts by providing links back to your main product/service website can produce prequalified, targeted traffic to your website. Twitter is one example where this can be accomplished effectively. Advertising your content on twitter allows you to provide a direct link to your site and encourages your followers to re-tweet your link into their network as well. Sharing content on Facebook is also allowing tremendous link generation possibilities. When someone posts content from another source on their Facebook wall, the information and link supplied are seen as valuable and very likely to be shared by others. Search engines are now recognizing the number of times content is being shared in Facebook and this is having a considerable effect on search engine results.

Best SEO Practices Utilized in Social Media Accounts

Social networking sites provide convenient and powerful opportunities to expand the power of your SEO strategies. There are specific SEO methods within social media platforms that can result in higher organic rankings for your blog or main website.

Link to Your Website Frequently

From your Facebook fan pages, placing consistent links to your service and product pages will tend to boost your site’s rank.

Leave Teaser Text

By placing a portion of your website’s text on your Facebook page or Twitter post, you can draw attention to your main site where visitors are more likely to become customers.

Use Optimized Keywords

Using optimized keywords in your links and in your photo and video captions will provide SEO authority to the destination site of those links.

Share Buttons

Adding social networking site buttons to your website that link to your profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide your visitors with ways to interact with you, share your content and bookmark your pages. Buttons such as “Like”, “Share”, “Bookmark This” and “Tweet” are all convenient tools that can quickly help to propagate your content throughout the Internet and generate targeted traffic, which is the ultimate goal of SEO in the first place.

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Why Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?

Search engine optimization or SEO is critical to your business and your web site because the vast number of people who are looking for companies, services and products on-line daily.  Search engine optimization allows you to rank at or close to the top of the search engines when many people search for terms or ideas comparable to what your page is about.

The reason that you need to be at or close to the top of the search engine results for the terms you would like to be found for is that more than 98.3% of people that perform searches on a search engine don’t make it to the second page.  This means that only 10 internet pages get in front of the majority of searchers.

Whilst that number is staggering, what exactly is even more essential is that over have of all searcher go to the very first place ranking.  In SEO as in horse racing, it pays to be a winner.

No matter if you are trying to rank for a low competition neighborhood keyword or perhaps a national keyword with millions of competing pages, the basics of SEO are the identical.  Beneficial onsite optimization together with terrific off-site optimization results in a 1st location ranking.

On internet site optimization begins with your title tags and leads down to your heading tags and alt tags.  When these issues are keyword optimized and your content on the page is about your subject, you have gone a lengthy strategy to put your self ahead of the competition.  one problem to note here is that most web designers don’t know how to do this appropriately and virtually none of the do it yourself solutions give you the capability to alter these tags.

Off website optimization is every thing that’s completed off of a site or url to make it additional favorite or relevant to search engines and their readers.  From Article marketing to press release submission, you will discover a ton of factors that you can do to help your web page rank better than the competitions.

Article marketing and advertising consists of writing a high quality and valuable article, substantially like this one, and distributing it across the internet with links back to your website included it in.  Profile link creating does the exact same factor but can be done in the  hundreds or thousands actually readily.  Which is why they are not as valuable.

One more idea would be to submit press releases and to get them syndicated across the net with links leading back to your site.

One more superb but underutilized alternative would be to submit small softwares to software program directories with a link back to your web site.  These are superb due to the fact a lot of people don’t do it and the web-sites have a good deal of authority with the search engines.  Last but not least may be the blog commenting.  Once again, easy to get hundreds or thousands.  They’re not probably the most beneficial but link diversity and volume both come into play with the search engines and you would be doing oneself a disservice by ignoring them.

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Why Should My Business Apply Twitter?

Twitter is definitely an integral part of any Internet Marketing Technique, specifically your Social media marketing.

Twitter just isn’t a fad. It isn’t a complete waste of time. It is an incredible approach to talk with an incredible number of folks around the world. Not a bad concept for any individual in business. And I don’t just suggest small business. The world’s greatest organizations post tweets everyday!

So precisely why should your organization get involved?

To start with, Twitter is a free service. Your tweets will certainly reach your current fans quicker than every other identified source. You will have the ability to study the opinions of your followers, draw in attention to your enterprise, network, offer live reductions and coupon codes and considerably more.

What is in it for you personally?

You can find countless factors why your business should be utilizing Twitter. It requires only a couple of minutes a day, provides useful information to supporters and potential clients and does it in a concise and efficient style. If your enterprise does not have a Twitter account, it’s time you probably did! Make the most of the current technological climate and progress with the Social media Movement.

What can I tweet in relation to?

This is really a vital aspect. Having a Twitter account is one factor, but guaranteeing you employ it for your benefit is another. It is a golden guideline in Social media marketing not to tweet concerning selling your products and solutions. You should tweet concerning issues that entice attention to your web site and published articles. You want to present the follower with helpful info – something that may keep them sticking with you. If you continually market about how supposedly fantastic your enterprise is, you are going to lose their attention as quick as you get it.

How do I draw in followers?

Start by following folks yourself. Make an effort to select corporations and people associated to your certain marketplace. You can also publicise your twitter via a company or individual Facebook profile. Essentially it’s difficult to appeal to followers when you initially open your twitter membership. Developing followers is a process that requires time.

1. Twitter is Cost-free;
2. News comes on Twitter quicker than every other identified source;
3. Twitter allows you to research the thoughts of your followers;
4. Status updates on Twitter reach your followers immediately;
5. On Twitter you’ll be able to develop a community by posting on other people’s posts;
6. Your own enthusiasts can be conscious of approaching events – even with short notice;
7. Tweeting can add worth to your company by luring focus;
8. Twitter permits one to interact with your customers on a large level;
9. Twitter is definitely an amazing social networking device;
10. Employing Twitter will label your business as contemporary and up-to-date with society;
11. Twitter enables you to get a directory of people’s views on common matters;
12. Twitter only provides you 140 text letters, so your concise update will be read by far more people;
13. Cost-free support resources are accessible to assist guide you through Twitter set-up;
14. Twitter makes it possible for you to offer giveaways and coupons to followers;
15. Twitter is one of the best forms of Virus-like Marketing and advertising, along with Facebook;
16. You’ll be able to find out what your competitors are doing on Twitter;
17. It is possible to make referrals and recommendations on Twitter displaying consideration on a significant scale;
18. Not all of your competitors use Twitter, so gain an advantage on them;
19. One in nine individuals wordwide use Twitter – your scope is limitless; and
20. Without having it, you’ll in no way achieve the greatest search engine optimisation (Seo).

You’ll find endless causes why your company should be utilizing Twitter. It requires only a couple of seconds each day, provides valuable details to enthusiasts and prospective customers and manages to do it in a to the point and successful fashion. If your organization does not possess a Twitter membership, it’s time you did! Make the most of the present technological climate and progress with the Social media Movement.

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