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Engaging Your Followers – 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies To Live By

Are you under the impression that you have a bunch of zombies following you who don’t give a care about anything you say on Twitter? Are your followers the kind that rarely “Retweet your Tweets” or “Mention” you in posts? If so, you’re most likely not engaging enough and you will probably need to rethink your Twitter Marketing Strategy. Don’t be alarmed about it; you’re not alone. The Harvard Business Review put out a survey at the end of 2010 that brought to light the fact that only 12% of businesses felt they were utilizing social media effectively.

So how can you increase your engagement with your followers? Below I have outlined 10 ways to adjust your Twitter Marketing Strategy to improve follower engagement:

  1. Make sure you have properly identified your target audience. Just as in any marketing program, consider who your target audience is and rework and re-structure your strategy to meet their needs.
  2. Define your content focus and/or Twitter purpose in your profile. This will set expectations for followers and let them know how they should be using your Twitter feed. If you have several content focus points and/or purposes for your Twitter account, then consider splitting your account into several Twitter feeds to help you keep your focus. By doing so, you’ll boost the chances of people adding you to lists and referring to your feed as a resource. This will aid you in maintaining followers and grow a more engaged audience.
  3. Serve as an easy to use resource. Format your Twitter feed in a searchable, easy to use and shareable format. Make sure that all Tweets contain optimized blurbs with hash tagged keywords that will help your followers quickly identify the kind of content they are interested in reading.
  4. Limit your feed to high quality content. Followers will come back to sources that commonly provide them with high quality links. So make sure you limit your page to good content. A single bad experience may result in a follower defection.
  5. Decide who to follow. Follow thought leaders in your niche  who will expose you to people and companies who’ve expressed interested in this same area. This will lead to higher quality followers who’ll be more engaged with your content.
  6. Engage with thought leaders in your space. By engaging with other people and companies that have a large following and similar focuses, you will improve your Twitter feed’s exposure to people and companies that are interested in your content.
  7. Be responsive to your followers. There is nothing more exasperating for users than an unresponsive voice maintaining a Twitter feed or Blog. If someone attempts to engage with you, try to respond to them in a timely manner. Brad Feld, who’s a prominent tweeter and prolific blogger has built a huge following based on sharing excellent content and being thoroughly responsive to followers. He replies to blog comments and Tweets within the space of an hour more often than not. This sends a message to his followers that he is interested in what they are saying and it inspires them to share their thoughts on a regular basis.
  8. Make your Twitter presence known. Publicize your Twitter presence on other social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.) as well as your blog, website and newsletter. Doing so will make it easier for your customers and prospective customers to find you. Oft times your followership will be different across different social media mediums, so broadcasting your Twitter presence can expand your followership considerably.
  9. Integrate Twitter into your blog or article comments and reactions section. By featuring Twitter mentions and retweets on your own content, you’ll be able to boost the exposure of the comments and reactions. This will inspire more individuals to engage with your content, as it’ll expose their Twitter feed and brand to every personwho reads your blog or article.
  10. Monitor your progress. Check your Klout score and Twitter counter on a regular basis to keep track of how your revised strategy is affecting your follower engagement. In this manner, you can afford to be more flexible and quickly restructure your strategy to maximize your follower engagement and the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Making these changes to your Twitter Marketing Strategy is likely to boost your follower’s experience and guarantee that they will be returning to your feed for content in your area of expertise and improve your chances of being retweeted, which will in turn increase your content exposure.

If you are eager to learn more about making use of Twitter as a business tool, you should read my blog posts on Twitter tips to optimize your influence marketing strategy and maximize the use of Twitter as a customer service medium. Similarly, if you are interested in learning more about influence marketing and content marketing strategy, I highly recommend take a look at Get Content, Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett.

Brandon works with the portfolio companies to develop business strategies and optimize market and product positioning by means of market research, market intelligence, and customer and marketing analytics.

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The Process of Link Development

The process of link building is an important part of your Internet marketing strategy to improve your visibility because it helps to increase your page rankings in the search engines. The more reputable backlinks you have to your website the higher your page will rank in the search engines. Link building likewise helps you with your relationship marketing. Listed here are a few suggestions on how to start building your link popularity on the web.

Social Media: Your social networking profiles are the simplest way to begin building links for your site. After your site is live let people know you’re there with social media. Make profiles to the leading social networking sites first. Include your site to your profile section so individuals will see it when they view your profile. Facebook additionally gives you the additional choice of making a Facebook fan page for your business.

Directories: DMOZ is one of the well-known link development online directories. When your website is up, submit your Url to to this site. After that search for web directories in your market; there are pet directories, healthcare professional directories, etc. Look for these web directories and publish your site to help make your company name recognized.

Forums: Adding your site address to your signature line whenever you post on forums gives readers an opportunity to learn more about you in addition to gives you the ability to generate links. Continually try to only post on forums where you already have a desire for the discussions.

Blog Comments and Submissions: Blog link building is comparable to posting on forums. Just post to blogs when you’ve got a genuine desire for the subject. If not, when the blogger scans your post they will label it as trash/spam. Some bloggers have included the ‘DoFollowBlog’ plugin for loyal visitors to get a backlink. You can also submit your blog to blog directories such as Technorati and Blog Explosion.

The purposes for link building are going to:

    improve your visibility
    increase page ranking in the various search engines
    support your relationship marketing connections

Make use of the previously mentioned link building service strategies and after 60 days go to Google or Yahoo to keep track of your links.

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Ways to Stop Click Fraud Before It Happens

Running a successful PPC ad campaign is all about taking care of various factors so that you get a good return on your investment. Click fraud is one of the bad things that you should be concerned about. The intention of this article is to describe how you can handle click fraud and keep your investment safe. Regardless of whether you’re operating a PPC campaign about 300 internet marketers or any other topic, it really is crucial that you just take care of click fraud if you want to prevent losing funds.

Always Track Your Campaigns: Although monitoring your ad campaigns is very crucial, a lot of advertisers fail to do it. The truth be told, if you cannot handle an item, then you will have a very hard time trying to monitor it. So there is a high connection between managing and monitoring your account, which is why you should make sure that all of your ad campaigns are accounted for. If you’re using Google AdWords for your PPC campaigns, then you have two tools to work with: Account Performance and Campaign Performance. These easy tools will provide the chance for you to see the amount and percentage of clicks that Google does not count as valid clicks. Utilize these features as a part of your PPC campaign to track everything so that you do not lose any of your invested money.

Geotarget Your Ads the Right Way: One easy plan for stopping click fraud from happening is to ensure that you are geotargeting your ads in the proper manner. If your products are not sold to people outside of the USA, then make sure that the ads are not displayed to anyone outside of the USA. This will help you to lower click fraud and protect your investment better. So, when you do your keyword research, do not forget this tip and do not geotarget the wrong areas.

Get Professional Help: If you are an advertiser who spends quite a bit of money on pay per click campaigns and is concerned about losing money as a result of click fraud, then it would be a smart move on your part to spend more money on professional who can advise you better. Getting a professional who will watch your account for click fraud and report to you will be a good investment and will help to eliminate click fraud at the same time. However, if you are still in the growing phrase and your campaign is not that much money yet, you can get someone cheaper to monitor your accounts. Outsourcing could also prove to be a good option, but you shouldn’t do it unless and until you’re sure about whom you’re hiring. Do not forget that the investment that you make with pay per click ads not has to be recovered, but also net you profit. So do not forget to get the help of a pro when you start investing huge amounts of money into pay per click campaigns.

Every step that you do to eliminate click fraud will help you to reduce your loss. Keep in mind that your pay per click campaign is there to get a return on investment for you and not to drain your wallet.

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